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Having been in the swinging lifestyle for more than 5 years as a couple and over 10 years for Mr FY as a single, we couldn't fail to notice the lack of any events in the Lincoln area.

With a couple of parties under our belt, and having attended a few socials around the country, we decided to address this lack of events by putting on some of our own in 2020.

These have gone from strength to strength and now have over 100 attendees each time!

We realise that everyone has to start somewhere on their journey into swinging (as we did!), so are especially aware of how it feels to be a newbie, dipping your toe into potentially unknown waters.  With this in mind, anyone new to the lifestyle can be assured of a very warm welcome, we are very understanding of questions and apprehensions that embarking on this lifestyle may bring.  Swinging should be fun and we aim to keep it that way!

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About our events

Our main criteria for attendees are profile based as we believe that effort in a profile translates to effort in the lifestyle.  Anyone just looking for an easy shag should look elsewhere!

We want to ensure a quality crowd and quality events, so couples and single ladies who have been meet-verified on
FabSwingers and who have a good profile (preferably with photos of both parties if you both play) 
will be more likely to be accepted (occasional events may have different criteria).  

We are aware that not everyone has an interest in single guys, so the small number of sought after places will be allocated to guys who we can be confident of.  If you are lucky enough to attend and impress, then you may well be invited back to future events.

Costs for Socials will be kept to a minimum, and parties will vary in cost depending on location and numbers.

All events will be advertised in the FabSwingers forum and on our Swinghub profile, and we can be contacted via our profiles there,
by email to, or via our Facebook or X profiles
which you can access via the icons below.

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